Tiger Heavy Duty Rubber Securing Straps for Keyboard Stands
Tiger Heavy Duty Adjustable Securing Straps for Keyboard Stands

Item Code: KYS18-BK

 These straps by Tiger can be screwed into your keyboard using screw threads often seen on the underside of keyboards and then strapped onto a keyboard stand to prevent the keyboard from slipping off the stand.
Made from double-strength rubber for excellent durability, this pair of straps simply loop round each top arm of your existing keyboard stand and screw into the bottom of your keyboard as long as it has screw threads.
It has a number of punch holes in the straps to allow you to adjust the length/tightness and once secured your keyboard will be at far less risk from slipping or sliding off your stand.

Item Specifications
- Strap Length: 48cm
- Number of Straps: 2


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