Tiger Laptop Stand / Projector Stand with Tripod Base
Tiger Laptop Stand / Projector Stand with Tripod Base

Item Code: LEC7-BK

 The Tiger Projector/Laptop Stand is great for both stage or studio use with the ability to adjust the height and the angle of the shelf to suit a variety of situations. Alongside its adjustability, the stand is portable enough to fold right down to make it extremely transportable getting it from home to venue with simplicity and speed.

Having an adjustable height between 85.5cm and 133.5cm, it is a flexible stand that can be used with both laptops and projectors for presentations or in a studio recording or on stage for a DJ or a musician.

Ethylene Vinyl Acetate padding (a tough rubber-like material) around the edges of the supporting shelf prevents scratches or knocks from the steel construction. The shelf of 40cm by 30cm can be tilted by a 45° angle to lean forwards or remain horizontal to suit the intended use.

The stand is supported by an enhanced tripod base so it is extremely capable of holding weight. Its use of PVC rubber feet also prevents the stand slipping.

Item Specifications:

- Minimum Height: 85.5cm
- Maximum Height: 133.5cm
- Shelf Dimensions: 40cm x 30xm x 1cm

Quality Assurance:

We understand the importance of good quality stands; therefore we have paid particular attention to the finest details, ensuring all materials used are of REACH standard and do not compromise the durability or quality of the product. We focus our attention on endorsing safe and strong materials down to the smallest thread.

Our stands are made from a high quality, sustainable steel making them resistant to damage and extremely durable when in use.

Moreover, we stock all spare parts in the unlikely event you experience a problem so that we can rectify the issue as quickly and sufficiently as possible giving you complete peace of mind.

We are so confident in the quality of our stands that they are backed by a two-year manufacturer warranty.


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