Tiger Ukulele Wall Mount - Ukulele Wall Hanger
Tiger Ukulele Wall Mount - Ukulele Wall Hanger

Item Code: GST84-1-BK

 Designed specifically for the narrow necks of the ukulele, Banjo and Mandolin these Tiger wall hangers are perfect for keeping your instrument safe and out of the way.

The strong high quality metal casting holds the weight of the instrument and the rubberised padding within the 'horseshoe' of the hanger offers maximum grip and protection of your instrument .

The arm is adjustable by the nut on the inside of the hanger so you can adjust the angle to hold most styles of ukulele, Banjo or Mandolin which may have different headstocks. To prevent the instrument from touching against the wall the arm of the hanger sits proud stopping any scrapes or bumps.

Suitable for Soprano, Concert, Tenor and Baritone Ukulele, Mandolin and Banjo.


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